AcneFighting Treatment

Look Better. Feel Better. Perform Better.

Look Better. Feel Better. Perform Better.

    Unique Technology For Skin Detox & Purification

    Using pneumatic pressure, our Acne Fighting Treatment provides the benefit of engaging the Purifying Serum more deeply into the skin to stimulate collagen to self-repair. Unique vacuum pressure can gently, yet effectively, remove 30-35mm of dead skin cells, whilst the closed loop vacuum pulls up excess sebum, oils and other impurities that are aggravating your acne condition.

    Getting to the Root Causes of Acne

    • Vacuum Pressure Exfoliation

      Exfoliates 30-35mm of dead skin cells

    • Dermalinfusion

      Infuses serum into the deepest layer of skin

    • Purification

      Eliminates germs and impurities to cleanse the pores

    3 Guarantees

    • Instant Results

    • Total Repair

    • Non-Invasive & Painless

    *Treatment process and results vary depending on the individual.

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